About Us

ASLY INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, INC. (AITCI) is the only training center that offer one year course (CENTRAL STERILE SERVICE) and two-year course (CENTRAL STERILE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY). The company is incorporated by the group of OFW’s and established in San Jose del Monte Bulacan, Philippines. Our courses are registered by TESDA under TVET program registration and affiliated to International Association for Healthcare Service Material Management. (IAHSMM).


One of the best training school in providing contemporary Sterilization System that is congruent with the National and International standard.


Our goal is to provide best education to our student with latest standard in sterilization process for medical-surgical instruments.  Study methods are highly competitive, quality-assured and system equipped that is relevant to our country and worldwide.


The main objectives of the AITCI are;

1. To educate the student for latest standard in sterilization process for medical-surgical instruments and equipment’s use by all hospitals and healthcare providers.

2. To impart the importance of sterile processing service and know its significant role in healthcare setting.

3. To provide quality sterilization process and safety-disinfection practice in all types of medical-surgical instruments and equipment’s.

4. To provide comprehensive training to all sterile processing provider with best practices and standard of care.

5. To establish a global sterilization and disinfection guidelines which may apply to all hospitals around the country in accordance to national and international accreditation standards.

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